Chief of Sinners though I Be ..Christ Has FORGIVEN Me

In our humanness and fallen nature we can get lost and try to find ourselves in the bottom of a wine bottle, washing it down with our last-chance pharmaceutical recovery kit. And in this brokenness, we not only hurt ourselves but can hurt those we hold dear. This was me Spring 2016, drunk and praying … More Chief of Sinners though I Be ..Christ Has FORGIVEN Me

Death to EGO

We are taught in this culture to strive, to push hard against people and obstacles that stand in the way of our desired outcome. The end game is our only game anymore. This wrung-ladder goal oriented life promises success manifested in material goods we accumulate. We then spend our time maintaining our accumulated material goods, … More Death to EGO

Truth & Grace

Christ died for ME last Easter. Every Easter Christ’s resurrection has meaning but March of 2016, I had the notion through my mental illness fogged thinking that THIS Easter I was going to die and rise along with Christ. In this deep depression and hopeless I somehow thought this symbolism would bring less pain to … More Truth & Grace